Thursday, April 8, 2010

App Sale! GroceryIQ is Free!

If you have an iPhone or another smartphone running Android, you're going to love this. GroceryIQ is FREE for the month of April! This is an awesome app that shows you what coupons are available right on your phone. You can either print them out using a wireless printer/connection, or you can save most of the coupons right to your store's loyalty card. Here are some of the other features:
  • database of millions of items
  • barcode scanning through your phone's camera
  • list sharing
  • favorites lits
  • lists for multiple stores
  • product details
  • sort by aisle
I just downloaded this app but haven't had a lot of time to play with it yet. Have no fear, I'm sure I will be using this quite a bit!
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Also be sure to check the Apple App Store for other sales. From what I hear, a lot of games are on sale for this month as well!

...Thanks Jennifer!

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  1. Another similar app to check is from ZipList. It's a new online shopping list service, and their app came out last week. It's at

    The free app categorizes, sorts by store, scans barcodes and syncs between the web and other mobile phones. You can also search for recipes from the app and add ingredients to your grocery list. It's nice.