Friday, May 14, 2010

Walgreens Shopping 5/14

Everything but the gallon of milk - we drink a lot of milk

I stopped off at Walgreens on my way home from work today to pick up the week's deals. Who could pass up free shave gel and cheap razors? Here's what I bought, and how I worked the deals:

Transaction #1
1 EOS Shave Gel, 2.99
1 Schick Hydro 5 Razor, $7.99
1 Wyler Drink mix, $1
1 Popcorn, Indian Kettlecorn, $1.99
Total, before tax: $13.97
Coupons Used:
1 $5/1 Schick Hydro Razor, 5/9 Smartsource
2 $3 Walgreens Register Rewards, from last week
1 $2 Register Rewards, from last week
Subtotal: $.97
Total Out of Pocket (after tax): $1.97
:: Received $5 RR for purchase of Schick Razor
:: Received $3 RR for EOS purchase

Transaction #2
1 Popcorn, Indiana Kettlecorn, $1.99
1 Oreo Fudge Crème Cookies, $3.99
2 Soft Scrub Cleaners, $4.19 ea, on sale, BOGO
1 gallon milk, $2.79
Total, before tax: $12.96
Coupons Used:
$1/1 Oreo Fudge Crème cookies
$4.19 (Buy One Get One Free Soft Scrub - sign up and verify email to print coupon)
$5 Register Reward (RR), from previous transaction
Subtotal: $2.77
Total Out of Pocket: $3.47
Grand Total Out of Pocket for both transactions: $5.44
 :: And I still have a $3 RR to use next time; so really, my grand total is $2.44.

I could have added a 'filler' item to the second transaction and used the other $3 RR, but I decided to save that $3 for my next trip. I couldn't use that $3 because the subtotal was less than the amount of the RR. If I had added something to bring the total over $3, it would have worked. Any time you purchase an item (something small and cheap, usually candy or gum) just to bring up your total, this is called a "filler". 

As for the Soft Scrub deal above, the cleaner is on sale, Buy One Get One Free. Using the coupon for Buy One Get One Free, you end up getting both of them for, well, free! When the cashier rings up the bottles, the register will automatically deduct the cost of one bottle, in this case, $4.19. Then, when your BOGO coupon is scanned, it will beep (don't panic!), and the cashier will have to enter the cost; again, $4.19. So, both bottles are free. I love these kinds of deals.
So there you have it. If I can do it, you can too! I would love to hear your shopping succes stories, so let's have them! Just comment below, or shoot me an email. Happy Shopping!

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