Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FREE DiGiorno Deep Dish Pizza For One at Target!

Free pizza! This week at Target, the DiGiorno Deep Dish Pizza for Ones are on sale 2 for $4, or $2 each. This alone is a great deal, but there's also currently a coupon available on Facebook for $2 off ANY DiGiorno Deep Dish product; no size exclusions!

To get the $2 coupon, you have to be a member of Facebook, and you do have to post a silly picture on your profile. If you're uncomfortable with the silly picture, you can still print a coupon for $1 off, or you can post the picture then delete it. Oh, the things we do for coupons!

Go HERE to get the $2/1 coupon from Facebook - must allow Digiorno access to your Profile

If you're not on Facebook, or don't want to allow their app:
$1/1 any DiGiorno Deep Dish Pizza

While you're on Facebook, why not "Like" ThriftyShannon? I sometimes post things there that I don't have time to blog about...

...Thanks Totally Target, for the picture and the deal!

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