Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FREE Custom Tote Bag from Vistaprint!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Vistaprint? I've been using them for years for all of my various business/contact cards, address labels, kid labels, postcards, party invitations; just about everything they have to offer, I've gotten it. The quality is always amazing, and just what I wanted everytime.

Vistaprint is known for offering freebies to get people to try their products, and I almost always take advantage of this one way or another. Now they're offering up a free tote bag! I have a couple of these already, and again, love them. They're great for grocery/drugstore shopping (attach your CVS GreenBag tag to one!), library books, lunches, trips to the pool - my daughter just loves putting her 'treasures' in one. In fact, I think I'll get one for her just for her library books.

Even though the bag itself is free, you will have to pay shipping, which is generally $3-$4 for 'slow'. Still a deal! Click here to get yours...

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